Capsule 7 Business Development represents innovative manufacturers of consumer electronics accessories and mobile electronics from around the world.

The support that Capsule 7 Business Development provides to manufacturers includes:

  1. Capsule 7 develops an individualized sales strategy for each manufacturer geared towards introducing their products to both national and international retailers and distributors and expanding brand awareness.
    • Sales services are provided on a commission "success-fee" basis.
    • Product focus is on Apple accessories as well as "green" technology.
  2. Capsule 7 has access to and represents world-class industrial product designers from Canada, the US, Asia, Japan and Europe. many of whom have created award winning products and whose services can be provided to manufacturers on either a design fee or licensing arrangement.
  3. Capsule 7 has partnered with a cutting edge Media Relations firm that combines traditional media outreach with Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media, to increase brand awareness and visibility.